Remote transactions Is Joe Biden too boring president? Why are Swedes still happy with their coronal line? All HS correspondents in direct remote appearance at 3 p.m.

The “Around the World in 80 Minutes” broadcast starts at at 3 pm. All eight HS correspondents will be present in a direct remote meeting.

Washington in the afternoon echoed on January 6th YMCA, Donald Trump had just finished his speech. Helsingin Sanomat’s US correspondent Anna-Sofia Berner looked around.

Berner remembers the end of the song when he started running. Something happened in the direction of the capitol.

Part of the mass had begun to move in the direction of the Capitol on the Congress Hill already in the middle of the speech. Angry people around Berner shouted the vice president Mike Pencen name in an unbelieving tone. Had he not canceled the election result?

Berner arrived breathlessly in front of the Supreme Court and the Congress House. A small-looking crowd pushed to the door, to the heart of power. “Agitators shouted,‘ the house is open, the house is open, ’” Berner says.

How this the story ends? Among other things, it will be heard today, Wednesday, at 3 pm, when all eight correspondents of Helsingin Sanomat will speak to readers at a remote event “Around the World in 80 Minutes”.

The program can be watched live on from 3 p.m. It is also made a recording that remains to be viewed in the HS application and on the website.

It’s a quick trip around the world – like a remote meeting open to everyone: correspondents tell stories behind their stories and share fresh news from their surveillance areas around the world.

HS U.S. correspondent Anna-Sofia Berner interviewed Donald Trump’s supporter in the country’s largest retirement community in Florida in October. The man believed the United States would commit suicide if Joe Biden was elected president.­

In addition to Berner, they have a voice Jussi Sippola (Stockholm), Hanna Mahlamäki (Berlin), Jenni Virtanen (Brussels), Annamari Sipilä (London), Jussi Niemeläinen (Moscow), Mari Manninen (Taipei) and Ville Similä (Helsinki). Similä, who will be based in Helsinki, will follow the growth of China’s influence in the world as Silkkitie’s correspondent. Questions are asked by the head of Helsingin Sanomat’s foreign editorial office Petja Pelli.

The gathering is a continuation of HS’s traditional Correspondents on Stage events, held every two years in the spring. In 2019, the performance was held at the Savoy Theater, and those performances are can be seen behind this link.

Berner has promised to tell not only the Capitol story but also his thoughts on whether Joe Biden too boring president. At least the difference from the predecessor is huge from the supplier’s point of view. “As like as chalk and cheese. Even now, the whole weekend went without bigger news. ”

Yet Berner returns in his thoughts at the Capitol to people who have called Pence’s name in disbelief. They and those like them have not disappeared from the face of the earth, even though a new president is sitting in the White House. What is their role in the future of the United States?

That is what we will be talking about.

Jussi Sippola has followed the Swedish corona debate from Stockholm.­

Also the other sections of the remote meeting are a combination of the world’s big news events and the personal experiences of the correspondents.

In the first section, we hear what the Swedish coronal line and its reception have looked like from Stockholm – at least not the same as watching the Finnish media.

The second section focuses on the Brussels-Berlin power axis in Central Europe. EU correspondent Jenni Virtanen and a German correspondent Hanna Mahlamäki have seen with their own eyes how the core of Europe is greening.

Brussels correspondent Jenni Virtanen (right) interviewed voter Iris Maher in Amsterdam in March. In the Dutch election, due to the corona pandemic, it was possible to vote on the back of a bike or a ride in his car.­

At the end of March, Berlin correspondent Hanna Mahlamäki traveled from Germany to Mallorca to report on the gradual opening up of tourism.­

In the third section, we go to London, where the Brexit daily began at the beginning of the year. Experienced Annamari Sipilä interprets what it looks like at street level.

The fourth section contacts Moscow. Jussi Niemeläinen can tell what it felt like to be Alexei Navalnyin in a show trial. Perhaps he also dares to present his enlightened guess as to why Russia was concentrating troops on the Ukrainian border.

Annamari Sipilä talks about what the realization of Brexit looks like from the perspective of living in London.­

HS Moscow correspondent Jussi Niemeläinen helped photographer Denis Sinjakov by holding additional light in Bratsk, Eastern Siberia, in April. On the way, we were talking about the Bitcoin mining boom in Eastern Siberia.­

The fifth section focuses on the United States and the sixth on Asia. Asian correspondent based in Taiwan Mari Manninen and Silk Road correspondent Ville Similä explore China’s growing and sometimes aggressive role in the world and reveal why neither of them has gotten into China.

Finally, everyone’s predictions are heard about what the world is talking about in the summer.

At three o’clock, open the homepage or the HS application and join the club. Welcome!

Silk Road correspondent Ville Similä was photographed at the gate of Kouvola China Center. Similä’s monitoring area is the growth of China’s influence in the world.­

An Asian correspondent tried karaoke taxi in Taipei, Taiwan. Taiwan has kept interest rates so low that many things banned in Europe have long been allowed.­

Around the world in 80 minutes, the program in order of appearance:

Jussi Sippola (Sweden): Why are Swedes still happy with their coronal line?

Hanna Mahlamäki (Berlin) and Jenni Virtanen (Brussels): Europe is building a green future

Annamari Sipilä (London): Everyday Brexit began in Britain

Jussi Niemeläinen (Moscow): What was it like to be in the Navalny trial?

Anna-Sofia Berner (USA): Is Joe Biden too boring president?

Mari Manninen (Taipei) and Ville Similä (Helsinki, Silkkitie): How can a correspondent report from China when he cannot get there?

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