Relationships The use of Tinder increased during the pandemic year, but at the same time brought a surprising change – “Dating slows down, so you no longer have to exhaust it”

Dating applications are looking for an even deeper connection during the corona.

Finns have changed their use of dating applications during the corona. The Corona Year 2020 was the busiest year for Tinder as the busiest year ever, but despite the increase in swap competitions, online dating seems to have become less superficial during the Corona.

“Now we focus on one person at a time, which is definitely a phenomenon that only came during the corona,” says a person who studied human relations in his youth. Heli Vaaranen Population Union to BTI.

During the corona period, many have experienced shocks and also losses. Vaaranen describes this as a shaking experience and believes that the pandemic affects people’s basic values.

“Dating will change so that its superficiality diminishes and deeper values ​​such as empathy and caring for other people rise above other things in importance.”

Interest rate restrictions compliance has also created new boundary conditions for how potential partners are treated.

“It is difficult for a person who takes restrictions seriously and wears a mask to date a person who, for example, does not believe in the crown or considers it an exaggeration,” says Vaaranen.

Researched online dating Anne Holappa The University of Turku has noticed that the attitude towards the corona and the restrictions it imposes are now raised in dating applications immediately in its own introductory text. A potential dating partner may wish to use the mask on dates or maintain a safety margin.

“What has changed during the Korona period is that the attitudes of potential matches to the Korona period and the associated restrictions should match,” Holappa commented in an email to STT.

Koronan During this time, dating partners have been found as before, partly online and partly really traditionally, such as through mutual friends, Holappa says.

Korona has normalized that dating can be held through some pictorial application, such as a video call. According to Tinder’s own statistics, in 2020, nearly half of its users had tried video dating.

Holappa reminds that acquaintance at a distance is not a new phenomenon. There have always been those who want to get to know each other slowly and calmly by writing or talking on the phone.

Virtual dating is likely to remain the normal form of first dating even after the Korona period, experts believe.

Social with digitalisation, the position of dating applications was on the rise even before the corona. At the same time, however, there has been an exhaustion of online dating. Heli Vaaranen from the Population Union thinks that the Korona era will permanently change the dating culture.

“Dating slows down, so you don’t have to exhaust it.”

Holappa predicts that in the future, dating applications will further consolidate their positions. Variations on dating applications are published a lot and they compete for attention in the market.

“Partner search is a permanent need. Looking to the future, there is a clear gap and demand for a service that will help meet this need in some new way. ”



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