Reinaldo Rueda exploded: he came up against the statements of James Rodríguez


James and Reinaldo Rueda, members of the Colombian National Team.

The Colombian DT spoke very hard and clarified things.

Recently James Rodriguez delivered some statements in which he spoke of everything, among other things he touched on the subject of the Colombia selection.

about the time when Reinaldo Rueda was the DT of the selectedThe midfielder said: “I had no problems with any of them in the Colombian National Team. Later I played with him (Rueda) four or five games. He is the one I have played the least with in the National Team. Nothing happened to him at all. He seemed like a super good person. It wasn’t personal.
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defended himself

And he added: “We did things wrong. It can’t be that we don’t score goals in seven games. With so many good players we have, it’s for us to score two or three goals per game”.

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Rueda responded to what the Cucuteño said and clarified certain points that happened to him when he directed the Colombian team.

“Never in my career had it happened to me. Here the arch was closed in an incredible way and confidence was lost; when that is lost it is difficult… Confidence is only trained by winning and we had to see something that had never happened to me in my 43 years of profession. It was a very rare phenomenon because in their clubs they arrived and were released, but in the national team it was different ”, warned Rueda.

About her relationship with James, Rueda clarified why he did not mention him in the call for the 2021 Copa América.

James Rodriguez and Reinaldo Rueda.


Rodrigo Buendia / AFP

“What I wanted was to protect the National Team and him. I told James ‘I don’t want to abuse you, I don’t want a James for 2 or 3 games but a James for 10 games, so that he can play five more years at a high level”, the coach specified.

“Look, many years have passed in that physical situation of him. I wanted him to take a break for a complete recovery protocol because James, due to his nobility and passion for the Colombia jersey, will always want to play like this, he is at half speed; And that’s how he hurts himself and also the National Team, ”he said.
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