Regional elections Sdp MP Aki Lindén rose to the polls in advance, with Li Andersson of the Left Alliance collecting the second highest number of votes

In the advance voting in the regional elections, the rakes come from the SDP and the Left Alliance.

Finland MP from the Social Democrats in the first regional elections Who is Linden With 5,384 votes. Linden is a candidate in the welfare area of ​​Southwest Finland.

The chairman of the Left Alliance, the Minister of Education, has received the second largest number of votes in the advance voting Li Andersson. He collected 4,484 advance votes from the welfare area of ​​Southwest Finland.

The third largest vote catch in the advance votes went to the SDP Lauri Lyly With 3,158 votes. He is a candidate in the Pirkanmaa welfare area. Lyly is the first vice-chairman and city councilor of the Tampere city government, as well as the former mayor of the city.

In advance The fourth largest number of votes was cast by the Vice-President of the NCB, the Municipal Council of Inkoo. Henrik Wickström From the welfare area of ​​Western Uusimaa. He received 3,035 votes.

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The fifth member of the Coalition Party has a coalition MP Mia Laiho From the welfare area of ​​Western Uusimaa. He received 2,579 advance votes.

The number of votes after the sixth advance votes is Liike Nytin Panu Peitsaro From the South Savo welfare area. He received 2,484 votes.

Mayor of Tampere and Vice Chairman of the Coalition Party Anna-Kaisa Ikonen is seventh on the rake list after the advance votes. Ikonen received 2,246 advance votes.

Part of the current ministers is also a candidate for regional councils. For advance votes, the balance of votes of the ministers is as follows: Minister of Finance Annika Saarikko (Central) 1,094 votes, Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä (Central) 263 votes, Minister of Science and Culture Antti Kurvinen (Central) 536 votes, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Jari Leppä (central) 429 votes and Minister for European Affairs and Corporate Governance Tytti Tuppurainen 969 votes.

Chairman of the Coalition Party Petteri Orpo received 1,896 votes in advance. He is a candidate in the welfare area of ​​Southwest Finland.

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Chairman of the Christian Democrats Sari Essayah received 2,071 votes in the advance. Essayah is a candidate in the constituency of Savo-Karelia. His result is the 12th best of the advance votes.

Chairman of Basic Finns Riikka Purra collected 1,219 advance votes. He is a candidate in the welfare area of ​​Western Uusimaa.

Acting as chairman of the Greens Iiris Suomela voted 843 votes in advance. Suomela is a candidate in the Pirkanmaa welfare area, which is also Finland’s largest welfare area.

Ministers in addition, the advance votes in the regional elections were also gathered by other people familiar with politics. Former Chairman of the Center, Member of Parliament Katri Kulmuni collected 1,249 advance votes from the Lapland welfare area. Former Prime Minister and former President of the Center Juha Sipilä received 2,117 votes in Northern Ostrobothnia. Sipilä received the 9th most advance votes.

Matti Vanhanen (Central) advance voting catch was 899. Member of Parliament Ilmari Nurminen (sd) received 1,995 votes in the Pirkanmaa welfare area.

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Former Prime Minister and former Chairman of the SDP Antti Rinne (sd) received 214 votes in advance.

Approximately 1.04 million votes were cast in the advance voting for the regional elections. About 26.3 percent of eligible voters voted in advance.

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