Regional elections Left Alliance Andersson: Sote labor shortage to be resolved – “The crisis has gone so far as to have a major impact on people’s health”

The Left Alliance is calling on welfare states to take swift action to improve working conditions for professionals following the regional elections in January.

12.10. 20:26

Left Alliance chairman, Li Andersson calls for significant improvements in working conditions in the social and health sectors and characterizes the labor shortage in the sector as serious.

In his speech on the situation early Tuesday evening, Andersson said that the labor shortage in the social security sector must be resolved so that services can be guaranteed to everyone in good time.

“There is a slow-moving serious crisis going on in this country. The crisis has gone so far as to have a far-reaching impact on people’s health, ”Andersson said.

Chairman recalled that society is dependent on Sote professionals. The party calls on the welfare states to take swift action to improve the working conditions of professionals after the regional elections in January.

“The welfare areas that will be elected in the January sote elections are employers, just as the municipalities have been so far. And that is why future welfare regions have a very central role to play in how the situation in a sector that is central to the future of the entire welfare state develops. ”

The statutory tasks of the welfare area are to organize social and health care and rescue services. In the future, 21 welfare areas and the City of Helsinki will be responsible for the services.

“It’s not just about money, it’s also about involvement in job planning, permanent employment, coping at work, such as the opportunity not to work overtime all the time, and the right to rest, and a clear division of labor between different professionals,” Andersson listed.

Left Alliance The guidelines are similar to those of the SDP, which pushes for Finns to receive treatment in a timely and timely manner. Another key theme of the regional elections for the SDP is the well-being of social and health care personnel.

Prime Minister and Chairman of the SDP Sanna Marin however, at a briefing last week, it did not comment on whether carers should be sought to attract to the industry through a pay rise.

“Wages and working conditions are key issues, but these are the responsibility of the social partners. Our role as policy-makers and decision-makers in future welfare areas is to ensure that working conditions are organized so well locally that the sector is attractive and meaningful. ”

The center, for its part, has outlined that each municipality should have at least one social and health care station. As a minimum, the party considers that medical services must be available in every municipality.

“Yes, we consider access to a doctor to be a justified guarantee experience for every Finn in the welfare society,” the chairman of the center Annika Saarikko said in late September.


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