Regional elections In Pirkanmaa, the Coalition Party rises to be the largest in advance votes – Former mayor of the SDP Lauri Lyly one of the rakes

29 percent of those eligible to vote in the region voted in advance. The Left Alliance was rising, somewhat surprisingly, to become the third largest party.

The election The Coalition Party in the national poll leadership was 25.8 per cent in Pirkanmaa in the evening, with 47.2 per cent of the votes cast. The second was the SDP, which held 24.1 per cent of the vote.

Somewhat surprisingly, the Left Alliance was in third place with 12.1 per cent support. The support of basic Finns was 10.2 per cent and that of the Greens 9.8 per cent.

With just under half of the vote in the area, the Left Alliance seemed to have significantly increased its support for last summer’s municipal elections. At the time, the party was the sixth largest in the region with 8.5 percent support.

29 percent of those eligible to vote in the region voted in advance.

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Largest the number of votes after the counting of advance votes had been received by the mayor as expected Anna-Kaisa Ikonen (Kok), former mayor Lauri Lyly (sd) and Ilmari Nurminen (sd).

Nurminen has become known not only as a Member of Parliament and chairman of the Tampere City Council, also the Prime Minister Sanna Marinin (sd) as a good friend.

The SDP’s position in the regional elections was thought to be weakened in advance by the fact that Marin, the rake in last summer’s municipal elections in Tampere, did not stand for election.

Executive Director of the Social Democrats in Pirkanmaa Harri Sandell was confident about the composition of the future council before the advance votes fell.

“The SDP and the Coalition Party have been by far the largest parties in Pirkanmaa. We have had a good and long history of working with the Coalition Party, and I believe it will continue, ”Sandell said.

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The Executive Director of the Coalition of Pirkanmaa also believed in co-operation Jari Porraslampi.

Although the coalition and the sdp have been the two largest parties in the provincial center of Tampere for years, and there are differences in their positions, which are likely to be discussed in future regional councils.

The SDP has highlighted the family doctor model in its election program in Pirkanmaa. In addition, the party has emphasized that it wants to secure the services of all Pirkanmaa residents, regardless of their place of residence.

Porraslampi highlighted nationally familiar themes, such as the use of private social and health services, to which the Coalition Party is more favorable than the Social Democrats both in Pirkanmaa and nationally.

The Greens Jaakko Mustakallio as well as basic Finns Miko Bergbomthe Left Alliance Anna Kontula and downtown Katariina Pylsy and the Christian Democrats Sari Tanus were caught in the highest votes of their parties at eight o’clock in the evening.

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Pirkanmaa is the largest population area in these elections. The area has more than 500,000 inhabitants. A total of 79 regional councilors were elected in Pirkanmaa.

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