Regional elections HS’s Election Report covers the most interesting phenomena in regional elections – Send tips on both big and small topics

HS’s journalists Maija Aalto and Alma Onali will draw up an Election Report focusing on the most interesting election topics.

What in regional election campaigns and politics right now? It can be found by reading the HS Election Report.

The Election Report, which kicks off on Wednesday 12 January, is a frequently updated news blog that brings together the most interesting regional election news of the day.

The election report is made by the city’s journalist following HS’s social and health affairs Maija Aalto and a financial journalist Alma Onali. Aalto and Onali follow the most important events of the election from morning to night.

“The new councils decide on the big things that affect us ordinary people. From all kinds of important maternity hospitals to the emergency department. We help readers understand the use of power behind all this,” says Aalto.

Onali points out that regional elections are anything but uninteresting. The election report brings readers teasing perspectives on the election and current topics of conversation.

“The Instagram channel of Helsingin Sanomat should also be monitored, where I serve facts and reflections on the elections and their themes in a relaxed way.”

Election report continues until the day after the election.

Aalto and Onali ask readers for tips on interesting topics from all over Finland. If you come across an interesting phenomenon – big or small – tell HS about it. Tips can be sent by e-mail to and

History the first regional elections will be held on Sunday, January 23rd. Advance voting will be held in Finland: 12-18. January and abroad 12-15. January.

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