Regional elections How do the parties ’promises of all the good to everyone hold? Chairs in the HS exam right now

The chairmen of all parliamentary parties will take part in the HS exam.

How far away is the nearest health center? What services are managed remotely online? Should treatment queues be dismantled with service vouchers?

These are the questions that the regional commissioners to be elected next Sunday will have to answer. In their regional election programs, the parties promise all the best to everyone and assure that local services will continue to be close to all. But is it really possible when Finland is getting older and money is limited?

The chairmen of the parties will be able to answer this on Wednesday in the HS regional election exam from 6 p.m. We will show the exam live in connection with this article.

The exam involves the presidents of all the parties that received MPs in the 2019 parliamentary elections.

We follow the debate moment by moment. Read the tracking here:

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