Regional elections A doctor from South Savonia ranks among the voices in the kingdom – “There’s a big concern here about whether the hospital will survive here”

The center dominated areas north of Jyväskylä. There was stiff competition in the big cities between the Social Democrats and the Coalition Party.

Center was in the lead in nine welfare areas in Finland ‘s first regional elections on Sunday after 11 p.m. The city center was clearly managed, for example, in Central Finland, Southern Savonia and Northern Savonia.

The Social Democrats were in the lead in five welfare areas, with about 90 percent of the vote. The Coalition Party’s blue spotted the map of southern Finland in five areas, and the Coalition Party was also gaining the most support at the national level.

Surprisingly, Etelä-Savo came to the nation’s list of rattles in the kingdom after all the votes had been counted. Specialist-dentist Panu Peitsaro was nominated from the Movement Now list. The chairman of the Coalition Party, for example, was left behind Petteri Orpo and the former chairman of the center Juha Sipilä.

“Surprisingly great result. It’s a staggering amount, ”Peitsaro commented on his own ballroom in the evening.

Panu Peitsaro worked in the administration of the Itä-Savo Hospital District for ten years. His appointment as chief physician was revoked last year due to a procedural error.

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Peitsaro is very familiar to the people of Savonlinna. He has worked for ten years in the administration of the Itä-Savo Hospital District, of which 5.5 years as the director of the hospital district.

“Yes, this has to say that there is a lot of concern here in the Savonlinna region about whether the hospital will remain here. There are two welfare areas in Finland, Southern Savonia and Lapland, with two hospital districts and two hospitals, ”said Peitsaro, who defended Savonlinna Hospital.

Peitsaro left the hospital district when his appointment as chief physician of the hospital district was revoked. There was a procedural error in the appointment.

In South Savo, the center took first place with 32.5 per cent.

Go In the surrounding welfare area of ​​Päijät-Häme, the Social Democrats (24.7 per cent) were barely the largest party before the Coalition Party (24.5 per cent), when all votes were counted. In Lahti, one of Finland’s largest privatization projects in primary health care, Harju Health, spoke during the regional elections.

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In Kanta-Häme, which includes the regions of Hämeenlinna, Riihimäki and Forssa, the Social Democrats also held the top spot, when about 90 per cent of the votes had been counted late on Sunday.

In Satakunta, too, the Social Democrats were clearly in the lead with 28.8 per cent. The Center and the Coalition Division shared second place after 99 per cent of the vote had been counted. In Satakunta, the Minister of Basic Services was excited about his seat in the regional council Krista Kiurun (sd) veli Jani Kiuru, which is nominated from the Coalition Party lists.

Kymenlaakson in the welfare area, the Social Democrats also held number one with 27.2 per cent, after all the votes had been counted. Basic Finns lost more than 4 percent of their vote compared to support for the summer municipal elections.

In South Karelia, the Social Democrats became the largest party after all the votes were counted, but the Coalition and the center were both only a few percentage points away.

In Southern Ostrobothnia Around Seinäjoki, the city center won in its strong area and achieved 37.3 percent support. There one of the best known candidates was Anneli Jäätteenmäki (center). The center was also the largest party around Kokkola in the welfare area of ​​Central Ostrobothnia (38 per cent).

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In Ostrobothnia and its surroundings in Ostrobothnia, the regional election campaign has been marked by language issues. In Ostrobothnia, the RKP achieved the clearest victory in the regional elections with a support of 50.2 per cent, after two-thirds of the vote.

In Kainuu the center achieved an overwhelming victory with 38 percent support after all the votes.

In Northern Savonia, the center was the largest party with 28.5 per cent of the vote, after all the votes had been counted. In North Karelia, too, the center was the largest party with 32.5 percent of the vote.

In Central Finland, too, the center held the number one party with almost 25.4 per cent of the votes, after 99 per cent of the votes were counted.

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