Refreshing image summary The pictures show how the planes fill the Helsinki sky in the Kaivopuisto air show

HS presents the aircraft participating in the Kaivopuisto flight show with pictures.

Airplanes will meet the skies in Helsinki on Friday, when the Finnish Aviation Association is organizing a massive flight show in Kaivopuisto.

Above the city, a wide variety of aircraft fly from fighter jets to a nearly 80-year-old passenger plane.

Both fighter and skill pilots from Finland and abroad will present their flight skills at the event.

The image summary updates as the screen progresses. The show started at 4pm and continues until 9pm.

You can follow this story live from the flight show.

The Finnish Border Guard’s Super Puma helicopter, whose predecessor assisted in the rescue of a sunken passenger car ferry in Estonia in the autumn of 1994.

The Border Guard also flew over Kaivopuisto with its Dornier Do 228 surveillance aircraft.

The planes attracted a large audience to Kaivopuisto. The Border Guard uses the Dornier Do 228 aircraft for maritime and border surveillance, among other things.

The life cycle of the Dornier Do 228 monitoring machine is coming to an end.

Harri Kanto flew an Extra 330LX skill plane. Its engine has a power output of 315 horsepower and can fly at speeds of up to 350 kilometers per hour.

Actor, dancer, choreographer and pilot Sami Saikkonen participated in the flight show on the two-level Viimsi manufactured by the State Aircraft Factory.

Viima, directed by Sami Saikkonen, made knots in the sky.

The Air Force used Viima aircraft from the late 1930s to the late 1950s.

The crowd followed as the skill pilot crashed wildly down and rose to heights again.

The skill flight group Arctic Eagles curved spectacularly over Kaivopuisto.

Two-level aircraft have been known as a structural solution since the First World War. Pictured is one group of Arctic Eagle planes.

The Arctic Eagle skill pilot group includes pilots Miikka Rautakoura, Tapio Pitkänen and Jyri Mattila.

The Kaivopuisto flight show began with the passing of a 79-year-old passenger plane DC-3 and the skill flight group Arctic Eagles.

The audience waited for the start of the aviation show in the afternoon at Kaivopuisto on Friday.



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