Record Reviews Finnish-speaking Seoul artist Niko Ahvonen returned with a danceable hit: The new album is confusingly positive, and right now it is needed

Katriina Honkanen returns to making music under the band name Rolling Rust, and the language has changed to England, writes critic Arto Pajukallio.

Albums, soul

Niko Ahvonen: Gentlemen of the situation. Rockadillo. ★★★★

Albums, roots / studiopop

Rolling Rust: Mind Your Head. Eclipse Music. ★★★

Finland is full of diverse talented musicians who naturally shuttle between different styles of music and forms of expression.

Changing optional policies also include language.

Niko Ahvonen is an artist who has certified the guidelines of his musical minute of the retromodism of his youth. It is natural for his generation, his school and, above all, his personal ability to achieve full credibility as a soulshouter and interpreter of the blues.

The language of these music styles is distinctively African American English, but in addition to his other projects, Ahvonen has made numerous solo records in Finnish.

Gentlemen of the situation continue from where the seven-year-old lp The soul of the north remained, but with a more sophisticated touch.

The producer is a peer style guru Mitja Tuurala, who, like the old gentleman ‘s sticks, dresses in danceable tastes and delicious playing. In addition to Tuurala himself, the core group is formed Tuomo Dahlblom, Raine Kokkinen, Antti Snellman and Antti Utriainen.

In the various instruments himself, Visiting Ahvonen writes insightfully tastefully verbal flavors of rhythm music, in which a man with a sense of domination reveals his sensitive, intelligent and philosophical aspects.

A couple of turns don’t escape the pulse where rhythm & blues ballads and dixieland upgrades dance the handcuff. As a melody for the Tuuralank, he draws color all the way to the electronic funk of the decision.

Gentlemen of the situation is also a confusingly good-natured record, like an idyllic breeze from past eras of innocence. The songs sound freed from the harsh perseverance that once burdened the Finnish rhythm music. The album’s basic optimistic affection for life represents something that contemporary reality might particularly desperately need.

The last blow, or one of them, is given by the covers on which Ahvonen himself has drawn the album’s audience. Some know how!

Katriina Honkanen returns to making music under the band name Rolling Rust. The other members of the line-up are Ilkka Tenhunen and Janne Louhivuori (right).­

Actor Katriina Honkanen has written a cultural american that any civilized author could be proud of (A trip with Charlie). In the Triumphant Trio, he delighted with a satire of sexual themes, and musical plays and stage music emerge in the midst of the theater director’s work.

Now Honkanen returns to making music under the band name Rolling Rust, which brings to mind another Savo-based long-distance artist with his concept. Maria Hänninen recently released their debut album on Mount Mary.

In either case, the songs written by the female soloist are executed with a touch perceived as masculine plus an exceptionally strong studio production experience.

Honkasen the partners are a long-term spouse Ilkka Tenhunen and respected as a top player, studio accompanist and successful producer Janne Louhivuori. The record has largely been made in Louhivuori’s own studio in Louhipaja, whose name has been learned to be combined with artisan music crafted with appropriate dubbing. In this case, too, the end result utilizes the trio’s precisely considered instrumental multi-skills.

And the language of the performance is now, for the first time on Katriina Honkanen’s records, English.

Pre-released title track as a single and video Mind Your Head fate creeps like a stealth from its basic steps from flamencostep to skillfully composed rock blues guitar dialogues. Maybe the song set even erroneous expectations. The musical line of the album creates with a freedom that can be experienced not only as diverse, but perhaps even as fragmented; intimately narrative folk pop is slipped even into a mariachivite waltz.

As a starting point Honkanen’s song and lyrics take shape, in which a woman who is sometimes wounded, but more often empowered, speaks.

The sound weights and chord colors are most obviously sought out, literally highlighted centrally, one piece at a time, at the angle of entry that Louhivuori has expressed in his numerous small studio productions.

To their authors Mind Your Head it may be a band record, but on the outside it looks like listening music in the singersongwriter tradition.

Critic’s Choices: Artistic identity should be adhered to, but sometimes age just begins to weigh

Single, rock

Billy F Gibbons: West Coast Junkie. Concord Records. ★★★

From Texas one of the most famous architects of the world-conquering äijärock and one of the most important architects of hi-fi Billy F Gibbonsin in his current work, it is probably secondary whether he publishes music in the name of ZZ Top or as a solo artist. Do you see the difference in non-disc covers and videos?

The single, anticipating Gibbons ’third solo album in June, features echoes of surf and garage in a desert milieu that recycles the basic nonsense, where the implementation makes content but doesn’t saturate, no matter how crazy.

Albums, country

Loretta Lynn: Still Woman Enough. Legacy. ★★

Accountability the first verse of the manifesting title song is performed with a slight accompaniment and blues stretches: the start is bold and the songs on the album are part new interpretations, some new self-written emotions. The mainstream Nashville country with a gospel touch plays safely and securely, but the vocals sound like no legend Loretta Lynn able to shine as before. Understandably, because after an album released a month ago, he was already 89 years old. The artist deserves applause while standing, but let the record be directed only to the fans.

Albums, blues

AK-77: Lowdown kryptonite blues. Antti’s record and cassette. ★★★

Constant minimalism dominates another AK-77 album. The Finnish blues is built by playing cigar box guitars and singing their own songs softly Antti Karkiainen about. Instead of the drums, a passel percussion set sounds, rolling is escaped, but can also be found in the swing of the old covenant. The stripped-down soundscape provides space for a small-minded storyline that deserves even more attention. Would something crucial be lost if AK-77 were given an external producer, a broader framework for doing so and proper distribution?

Albums, rock / garage

The Flaming Sideburns: Silver Flames. Svart. ★★★

Domestic the most exportable pet of the primitive rock and sophisticated garage, The Flaming Sideburns is known as a live band, but when listened to in succession, its studio records also form a respectable, streamlined whole. The return album, which breaks a long silence, has an early composition, although it is difficult to renew the explosiveness of the debut lp 20 years ago.

Cheeky riff roughing, progressive syncopes and passionate vocal performances are adorned with a distinctive effect noise. Identity carries like a patent.

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