Recipes Three hit salads for summer picnics – these salads don’t bump

The nutritious salad is a great snack for a picnic.

In the sunny weather inviting parks and picnics.

A successful picnic does not require a lot of snacks: even a good salad, bread and spread can go a long way. Salads are convenient snacks, as they can be prepared well in advance and are easy to take on a trip in boxes.

We put together salad recipes published in Helsingin Sanomat and Gloria’s food & wine magazine, which also work well on a picnic.

Includes a new version of pasta salad, a sushi-inspired salad, and an Italian tuna-bean salad that uses canned food.

1. Pasta salad in panzanella style

You can make panzanella, or Italian bread salad, more filling by adding cheese-filled tortellini and grilled vegetables. Ripe and hot vegetables absorb the taste of the marinade better than raw ones, so zucchini, eggplant and hot peppers are immersed in the lemon marinade only after grilling.

Juicy tomato cubes and grilled and sliced ​​bread should be packed in their own boxes and added to other ingredients only just before serving. This way the salad does not hydrogen and the bread stays crispy.

2. Sushi ball salad

The sushi ball salad has originally been a festive delicacy: it has been offered at the Superwood festival in Helsinki’s Hotel Rantapuisto, where the recipe was developed by the chef Markku Luola.

Rice balls are fun coincidences in a salad. If they feel difficult to rotate, the rice can be put in the fridge to cool for a while.

Remember that rice goes bad quickly, so store this salad in the cold. When you go on a picnic, pack the sushi ball salad in a cooler bag with refrigeration cartridges.

The sushi ball salad has been served at the Superwood Festival.

3. Thick tuna-bean salad

Cook Henri Alénin the tuna salad made with the instruction gets nourishment from the beans. The salad, which is deftly made from canned tuna fish and beans, does not require cooking and is seasoned with fresh parsley, salt, pepper, red wine vinegar and oil.

In addition to green, arugula is suitable for salads, for example. Although it retains its structure better than an easy-to-eat plain lettuce, arugula can be packaged in its own box and added to the salad only at a picnic when you start eating.

This is how you should really work with all kinds of lettuce leaves when you are making a salad for lunch. If you want to pack your salad in only one container, you can stack the other ingredients on the bottom of the box or jar and leave the lettuce leaves on top.

The Italian tuna-bean salad has a crunchy addition of carrots and celery stalks.



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