Reading Tips These are read by the primary quadrants of Vantaa Pähkinärinte

Vantaa Pähkinärinte Primary Quadrants tell what they like to read.



Ella and the guys

“Ella and the guys are good because there is clear text and it’s fun. I have read quite a lot of these. The plot is the best in that. For example, when they go on a bus trip and there’s such a thing that everyone vomits. There is nothing terribly exciting about it. In a way, what’s exciting is that when you don’t know what’s going on and then something surprising can come of it. You can hear about different adventures in it. ”

Ella and the guys is the more than 30-part book series by author Timo Parvela, which has been published for 17 years. The latest book by Ella has been published in the summer by Ella and the guys are finally in third.



Harry Potter

“Harry Potter is my favorite because it has a lot to read and it doesn’t end there. The texts are the right size for me. The best is the world. It’s a world where all sorts of special things happen and there’s a big Hogwarts. The world can be adventurous easily and there are many different and wonderful places. You never know what’s going on. It’s a classic book series that everyone should at least try to read, because a lot of people like it. ”

Harry Potter is a seven – part fantasy book series written by British author JK Rowling. In October, a beautifully illustrated party facility appeared from the first Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone book.



Dog book

“The dog book is interesting because the dogs are interesting and cute. I have learned how dogs are treated or how it is taught tricks, such as how to get the dog to sit. There you will find information about all dog breeds. It tells you what food to give and how to take care of the first car trip. This is interesting because we will have a Labradoodle point. I recommend non-fiction books if you want to get information about plants, dogs or other pets, for example. ”



Diary of a Wimpy Kid

“These are a bit of a comic book type with semistic text and lots of pictures, so it’s easy for people of all ages to read. This is supposed to be the main character in Greg’s diary. These do not have to be read in order when they are not terribly related. You can start with what feels nice in your own ear. A lot of fun things happen and they are identical when life kicks in the head. ”

From the American comic book series by Jeff Kinney Diary of a Wimpy Kid 15 books have already been published. Neropath’s diary was originally only published online, but fans also wanted it in paper form.



Warrior cats

“I have many favorite books, but Warrior Cats is one of my favorites. It’s a really exciting book series and uses a really rich variety of words. In these you can’t wait to see what happens on the next page. In the forest, different clans fight each other and steal from each other. These are nice to read if you like cats. My own favorite is the Blue Star. I’m going to read all of these. ”

Warrior cats has been named by Erin Hunter, but it is a pseudonym that has several different authors in the background. The story is divided into five different sagas, or story periods, each with six different books.



Wild gang

“The ferocious gang is good because it has four fun characters: wolf, shark, snake and piranha. They are original villains and the wolf would like to make them good and they do all the good deeds. These have become two parts. I like those characters. My favorite is maybe a piranha, because every time they go to the car, it pirates and the wolf puts it out the window. You can read quickly, which means that they fit well into an evening fairy tale, for example, when the story is well-formed through cartoon-style images. ”

Wild gang is a series of comic books by Australian Aaron Blabey, of which two parts have been translated into Finnish. The series is currently being made into a film to be released next year.


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