Reader’s Opinion | Finnish food can be exported to the world

When the government negotiations begin, Finnish food exports must be strongly included at the negotiating table.

Finn the food is nutritious, safe, innovative and tasty. It is acceptable to take it to the world. Food export is one of the opportunities with which we create snacks for growth.

We already have excellent blanks with which to implement our food exports. When we work together more strongly – we market innovatively, with high quality and long-term, we have a chance for a big rise. Finnish clean, nutritious, tasty and safe food is of interest to the world.

When it comes to exporting Finnish food and alcoholic beverages, you often notice that we forget our common export asset: Finnishness. We might even compete with each other. Yes, we should compete, but to spar each other to an even better performance, not to compete with each other.

The current project-like operation of food export has its own challenges. In order for us to have food exports in the future as well, the operation must be long-term and wide-ranging. In addition, we lack that “surname”. Who is the Finnish Mr. or Mrs. food? Or who will it be made of in the long run? In many countries, for example, the royal family is at the forefront of food exports.

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With the government negotiations starting soon, Finnish food exports must be strongly included at the negotiating table. It’s not just an opportunity for growth, it’s also a question of security of supply.

Kati Ostrobothnia

home economics teacher, entrepreneur


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