Reader ‘s opinion Your own group lessons combat bullying

Schools need time to practice emotional and interaction skills.

This fall we have once again had to witness how violence has crept into the daily lives of schools. Unfortunately, the phenomenon is not new.

Schools need time to teach and practice the goals of emotional and interaction skills, community education, and safety in the learning environment. These themes are at the foundations of the curriculum as broadly cross-cutting objectives. It is therefore necessary to add to the Expert Allocation Regulation the so-called own group hours of two weekly hours for primary school and two annual weekly hours for upper secondary school. These classes enable regular planned grouping as well as the practice of bullying prevention policies. This will not be possible unless time is also set aside for activities.

Additional classes for learning these skills were also suggested by class teacher Irja Remekselä (HS Opinion 17.11.), which described the results that can be achieved with even a small amount of social skills training.

Of course, spending time on an hourly division costs money, but at the same time it is an indication that the subject is so important that you want to devote time to it in everyday school life.

When the lessons of one’s own group are involved in the division of lessons, the goals of the curriculum are also set for them, teachers are trained in the requirements of the task and the work is made effective and of quality.

Pauliina Viitamies


OAJ, a trade union for education

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