Reader ‘s opinion Wolves would be needed here in the south to keep deer populations in check

On the opinion page wolf hunting has been discussed. Now wolves would be needed precisely, namely in south-western Finland and on the south coast because of the damage caused to farmers and gardens by white-tailed deer and roe deer.

I have a summer place in Lohja. There, deer even eat potato leaves. These ungulates are the ideal prey for a wolf.

Now we must not shoot hordes of wolves scattered but believe what has already been said south of Estonia: a wolf is not dangerous to humans, as imagined. Populations of the species are able to live in more densely populated countries than in Finland – without contact with humans. This is how the wolves of Espoo, who live inside Ring Road III, lived. They were only revealed on the basis of snow marks. By shooting alpha parents, young wolves are driven into farmyards.

Heikki Saarialho


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