Reader ‘s opinion Why continue to build apartments without air conditioning?

In the heat, the apartments turn into saunas.

Weeks the continuing heat wave has heated some of the homes almost uninhabitable. For example, small apartment buildings with windows facing the sun are getting unbearably hot. In old houses, the thick walls heat up and the walls give off heat at night so that no penetration helps.

In apartments with a balcony, the solution may be an air source heat pump, but in small apartments and old houses there are often no apartment-specific balconies.

Despite this, housing is still being built without air conditioning. Is this a sufficient preparation for climate change? Of course, we are trying to prevent change, but as the heat wave plaguing Canada and the west coast of the United States shows, we are helplessly too slow.

Changes in construction are also slow. So is there a situation in the summer where Finnish cities have to offer air-conditioned accommodation for those who are scorching in the heat?

The coming decades will not look good.

Leena Brandt

journalist, Helsinki

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