Reader ‘s opinion When I challenged the recruitment decision in my workplace, I heard that “women are always at risk of interfering in the wrong things”

I have broken through glass ceilings manly in the field, but a breakdown by gender is still a big disadvantage in working life.

I am after a hard effort and a long struggle for leadership in the male field. I’ve heard all the “jokes” about how I am at least along the thigh risen to my position.

I recently recruited more employees for my team. My boss handled the interviews, and I was just listening.

For the men interviewed, the questions were mainly about motivation, career, and hobbies. The first woman came, and for the first time I heard the question, “How sensitive are you to problem situations?” I assumed this was just part of the development of the interviews. There were more men, and again we talked mainly about hobbies. For the following women, the questions changed shape: “How sensitive are you to tackling grievances in the workplace and how sensitive are you to making comments to yourself?” Until finally, “How easily offended?” Work history was further discussed with the men.

At this point, I was already starting to be sure this couldn’t be a coincidence. A male person ended up working for us, even though a female was more qualified. When I challenged the decision, my boss commented that “women are always in danger of interfering in the wrong things”. Not really relevant. It was topped off by my colleagues’ comment: “Of women, the only joy in this field is eye pleasure – why did you think you got into this position yourself?”

Is this the reason why I got my position? It’s great that people are increasingly seen primarily as people, not as gender roles. But all too often it is still assumed that women are sensitive and just complain. I do not understand, why is it that I am a woman, would affect my ability to do my job. In the masculine fields, we women will never become masters until we break even those last glass ceilings. The breakdown by gender in employment is a big anomaly that must be corrected.

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