Reader ‘s opinion We cannot allow Fortum to outsource our emissions

Tytti Tuppurainen has said that she demands responsibility from state-owned companies, but it is far from this.

State – owned company Fortum, owned by Fortum, is suing the Netherlands after the country decided to give up coal power in 2029. This makes it difficult for Finland to cut down another country’s coal. Fortum, through its subsidiary Uniper, owns a coal-fired power plant in the Netherlands. The Netherlands made a decision in principle to abandon the timetable as early as 2016, a year before Fortum acquired Uniper. The decision did not come as a surprise to the owner, but Fortum, whose majority owner is the Finnish state, deliberately bought a carbon giant with our tax money.

The Dutch goal of giving up carbon is the same as ours. We cannot call ourselves a pioneer in combating the climate crisis if, on the one hand, we clean our own yard and on the other hand we cover our eyes when a state-owned company pollutes more than the whole of Finland.

I appeal to Tytti Tuppurainen, Minister for European Affairs and Corporate Governance (sd): That is enough. We cannot allow Fortum to outsource our emissions. Tuppurainen has said he demands responsibility from state-owned companies, but it is far from that. If the direction of state-owned companies does not belong to the Minister of Corporate Governance, what does?

Ellen Ojala

Climate Delegate, Alliance, Member of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Expert Group on Sustainable Development

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