Reader ‘s opinion Vaccinated in connection with municipal elections

Challenges can be solved if planning is started immediately and implementation is strongly managed.

Coronavirus pandemic restrictions are already starting to exhaust. Vaccinations are now our most important way to get to a normal life.

According to public information, vaccinations in Finland rely on normal-time operating models, but the pace has been slow and there are more vaccines in stock than have been vaccinated. In particular, it is questionable whether the current model will effectively vaccinate the large adult population with the “folk vaccine” of Astra Zeneca and Oxford.

As a pandemic is a huge exception to the normal, abnormal solutions should now be sought in the organization of vaccinations. What if we took vaccinations where people are? We already know that on 18 April, a large proportion of the adult population will go to the polls in the municipal elections. The majority of voters are the target group for mass vaccinations, the identities of all are checked anyway, the numbers are known, and the hassle of making an appointment would be avoided. After the vote, could the person naturally continue to be vaccinated at or near the polling station?

It is clear that there are a number of issues to be addressed: how to get enough vaccines and vaccines in place, how to communicate, how to manage logistics, implement information systems, avoid congestion and implement booster vaccination at a later stage. However, these challenges can be solved if planning is started immediately and implementation is strongly managed.

We look for new solutions and don’t get bogged down in problems or get stuck in old models. Let the coronavirus be put out by a joint effort of the public administration, the third sector and the private sector. Let’s make a great plain summer, and we get to spend time with our loved ones normally again.

Mika Karjalainen

Doctor of Philosophy, Espoo

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