Reader ‘s opinion Training in clinical laboratory science and radiography must be relaunched

The rapidly evolving fields of laboratory and imaging need research, and the launch of higher education would support this.

Coronavirus has highlighted the importance of expertise in diagnostic health services. The seamless cooperation between the laboratory, imaging and the care provider is the cornerstone of our healthcare operations.

In healthcare, laboratory and imaging services play a key role in the implementation of patient care. Competent and professional staff are needed to provide quality services. In recent years, the demands on the work of bioanalysts and radiologists have increased and the need for staff with a university degree has increased significantly.

There is currently no university-level training in clinical laboratory science and radiography in Finland. As a result, there is a risk that the expertise and know-how required by diagnostic health services will not be sufficiently available on the labor market in the future. Postgraduate studies in one’s own field of science at the School of Science are necessary for bioanalysts and radiologists to develop their own work and profession and to meet the needs of working life.

Opportunities for further training and career development are significant driving and holding factors in the healthcare sector. In order to ensure that the field remains attractive and that work continues to be meaningful, bioanalysts and radiologists must have equal opportunities for postgraduate study at the School of Science in relation to other health professionals.

When the need for labor is greatest in the Helsinki metropolitan area, it would be most logical to organize education at the University of Helsinki. We propose that a master’s degree in health sciences be launched at the University of Helsinki, which includes a master’s program in diagnostics and health research.

The master’s program would combine two different disciplines and aim to train experts in clinical laboratory science and radiography for healthcare design, development and research roles. The rapidly evolving fields of laboratory and imaging need research, and the launch of higher education would support this.

In the coming years, the role of diagnostic services in health care will increase more and more, and investment must be made in education to ensure expertise. High-quality management, expertise and research are prerequisites for the development of diagnostic health services.

Sina Nordman

Chairman, Uusimaa Bioanalysts Association

Ekaterina Saukko

Chairman, Radiography Research Association

Päivi Wood

Executive Director, X-Ray Nurses Association

Tuula Salmivaara

Vice President, Association of Bioanalysts

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