Reader ‘s opinion Trafficking in human beings is not reduced by hampering sex work

Transparency in the sex industry increases the safety of the sex worker.

In the opinion paper (HS 26.8.) was offered a total ban on the purchase of sex as a solution to reduce human trafficking and remedy the problems of the sex industry.

However, in Sweden, which criminalized buying sex in 1999, problems in the sex industry as well as human trafficking have increased, according to a 2019 report published by the Fuckförbundet. In France, nearly half of sex workers said the ban on buying sex that came into force in 2016 increased violence, and more than a third found it more difficult to require customers to use a condom. In Norway, where the purchase of sex is also banned, sex workers who have reported violent crimes have been evicted from their homes.

It is not only inconsistent but also terribly cruel to pursue legislative changes under the guise of eradicating human trafficking, the real effects of which mainly affect only pre-vulnerable, stigmatized sex workers. Transparency in the sex industry increases the safety of the sex worker: the authorities can be trusted, customers have a choice, and society treats them as a more equal member.

When buying sex is illegal, sex work becomes more and more invisible, and it also hides the problems in the industry. Safe, law-abiding buyers are eliminated from the clientele, and those who have no difficulty breaking the law remain. The purchase ban undermines trust in the authorities, which does not facilitate the disclosure of crimes when they occur. In a statement issued in 2016, the human rights organization Amnesty International also recommended the lifting of laws prohibiting the purchase of sex and the decriminalization of sex work, among other reasons mentioned above.

Like Paavo Teittinen, who dealt with the shocking shortcomings of human trafficking studies talk (25.4.) And mentioned in the opinion paper I’ll give you a case It turns out that Finland’s problems in investigating human trafficking are not due to the fact that buying sex is legal. The problems are due to the fact that the Finnish police have been neglecting the investigation into human trafficking for at least two decades. The sex industry is no exception here and should not be treated differently. Visiting a restaurant, ordering a home cleaning service or building a detached house has not been criminalized as an attempt to reduce human trafficking, although in Finland human trafficking is most common in these areas.

In addition to streamlining government action and redirecting resources, as well as a comprehensive change in police attitudes, more effective ways to eradicate human trafficking are to remove the sale of foreigners as a ground for deportation.

We cannot continue to abuse sex workers as a solution to police failures.

Isa Häkkinen

sex worker, Tampere

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