Reader ‘s opinion Traffic radio is again needed on the air to improve the attitudes of road users

The biggest risk in traffic is between our ears.

In Helsingin Sanomat was highlighted (11.10.) The insecurity of the guardrails was described as complete anarchy using the examples of Helsinki.

Traffic was lower in the 1970s, but motoring was new. That’s when Traffic Radio, hosted by journalist Esko Riihelä, came to Yle, where traffic teacher Ensio “Enska” Itkonen effectively changed attitudes. “Remember the safety distance” was one of Enska’s ongoing practical teachings. I still remember it.

The biggest risk in traffic is between all of our ears. That’s where the biggest problems are. If you want more security, attitudes need to improve.

The Ministry of Transport should see road safety as one of its products. It needs to be sold and marketed to the people. And that would probably give a good return on invested capital. Marketing becomes much cheaper than highway miles.

In studies by motor insurance companies, half of the claims covered occur in car parks. The reason is that the other party has not been flexible.

Espoon Auto oy used to have a driver who had been driving a bus in Helsinki traffic for 25 years without scratching. When I asked his secret, he replied, “I’ll dodge.” That’s where those millions and billions of savings are – in attitudes.

Road safety alone will not improve road safety, even if they are needed. What is needed most is continuous attitude education and qualified professionals.

Now would be a good time to get this moving. Bring professionals to Yle’s channels and other media to sell the right attitudes to traffic. I dare say that the input-output ratio would be good.

Not a store in vain for advertising. It knows how we are affected.

Pekka Auro

M.Sc., Transport in various positions for 27 years


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