Reader ‘s opinion Tombstones and memorial plaques are fascinating

Monuments and the fate of tombstones is of interest to many because the stones are associated with important persons and events in history.

In the case of the art collector H. F. Antelli’s tombstone, the Ateneum was contacted some time ago, in response to which a silly statement was received: “The Ateneum is not a funeral home.” However, many tombstones have reliefs carved in marble but later lichenized and thus in need of restoration by well-known artists.

Another important memorial stone that was thrown for a long time is now on the lawn of the National Library in the middle of Helsinki. It is a closed book-shaped monument originally unveiled in Vyborg in honor of letter collector Matti Pohto (1817 Ylistaro, 1857 Vyborg). Due to a local road project, the stone was moved to the yard of the National Library in 1988.

For a long time, it seemed that the stone in the central location was allowed to sink into oblivion and under the lichens, until the National Library finally decided to renovate the texts and the tile. This decision brought to the attention of more and more citizens the great achievements of this modest man. But what did Matti Pohto do to Finnish literature then? Find out!

Ismo Nuuja

biologi, Espoo

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