Reader ‘s opinion Through the Reserve Association, you can participate in preparedness training

Political Science Ronja Vehviläinen, a student, in her opinion paper (HS 11.6.) that our national defense system should be better prepared for food, energy and information disruptions. To this end, there is already a wide range of preparedness and security training organized by the National Defense Training Association (MPK). 500 VARTU training courses are organized each year, such as the Survive Without Electricity course. In addition, through the network of the Voluntary Rescue Service (Vapepa), you can participate in various survival and rescue courses.

Vehviläinen was in favor of giving up arms. Weapons, and the use of physical force anyway, are always the last resort in national defense. Before that, other means must be used through dialogue and various sanctions. Weapons and weapons equipment also serve as a signal to outside rallies. It is not worth attacking here, because we are defending our country, our culture and our existence. Without weapons, there would be no such signal, but we would be vulnerable to many threats that shatter the fundamental pillars of our society.

Ilpo Pohjola

President of the Reserve Association, Liperi

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