Reader ‘s opinion There is no harmless sea ice

City pages in the story (HS 15.3) dangerous instructions were given for navigating the ice. It was said that “safety increases if other people are seen on the ice”.

That is not the case. Even on a short trip, sea ice varies according to the time of freezing, currents, shoals, snow, reeds and coastal trees. You shouldn’t trust other people to see you on the ice. They have their own ice underneath, but the ice under their own feet can be different. Now, towards the end of March, it is best to stay off the ice, unless with years of experience you know your route and unless you are accompanied by luck and suitable timber in your armpit.

In Kustavi, the cottage driver drove along the ice of the dangerous Leisunt. When the natives marveled at this, the answer was, “There was ice in it last winter as well.”

Martti Soikkeli


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