Reader ‘s opinion There is little part-time leave

There is a structural injustice in earning annual leave.

Helsingin Sanomat in the story “Without a holiday” (15.4.) was told about how not everyone has the opportunity to vacation. Self-employed workers, students, and part-time and temporary workers can drill up for years without a vacation, and that doesn’t do good for health. There is no precise information on the number of vacationers, but the number has increased with the spread of atypical employment relationships.

However, the case did not reveal that there is also a structural injustice in earning annual leave. For an employment relationship of less than one year, the leave accrues two days per month, while for a period of more than one year, 2.5 days per month accrue. Labor law thus places employees in an unequal position on the basis of the duration of their employment.

It is good to recognize that in some sectors, such as culture, work is done in short-term fixed-term contracts lasting a few months throughout the career because there are no permanent jobs available. This means that less leave is accrued throughout the career than for those who are employed for the time being. In addition to allowing some employees to enjoy their vacation, it is also clearly longer for them.

Marika Väisänen

working conditions expert, Helsinki

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