Reader ‘s opinion There are too many challenges in the headlines

“Trumpin the cynical game challenges the rule of law. ” “Research challenges the notion of kindergarten and school.” “Trump took legal action to challenge the election result.” “The government was challenged in Question Time on youth violence.”

Now find out from these headlines what challenging means!

When I was decades younger, I might be challenged to quarrel, and adventure books even challenged me to a duel. A challenge of its kind could lead to a grater. Today, the challenge is usually a beautified version, a euphemism for the word problem.

The Karelians of the Vyborg region challenged, spoke. That is where the challenge of the dispute has moved further west. So the interview is talking.

The verb Challenge is now actually a Savo folk tradition: If someone challenges, as shown in the previous examples, the responsibility for the meaning of the proverb in question shifts entirely to the reader or listener.

Timo Tuomaala


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