Reader ‘s opinion The work of psychologists in schools needs to be reorganized

Affluent the school will not function without the continuity of psychological work and the adequacy of psychologists (HS Opinion 6.7. and 9.7.).

The things that engage students are diverse. Support is preferably needed immediately. The longer young people in particular have to wait to see a psychologist, things get harder or change shape in different ways. Customer queues impair the well-being of psychologists at work.

One psychologist, almost without exception part-time, is not enough to meet the needs of students in an educational institution. There is a need for a psychologist / curator / social counselor who receives students on a low-threshold basis, preferably in the same day for short periods of time on acute issues. If necessary, he would refer the applicant for a longer-term case, either to his / her own institution or elsewhere.

Students are the best experts in developing their wellness services. They need to be consulted.

Matti Karhoja

study supervisor, Helsinki

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