Reader ‘s opinion The white-tailed deer eats everything to eat

Pigs kept in pig farms, chickens in hens and cows in barns or fenced meadows. The sheep are behind the sheep fence. Fencing is paid for by meat breeders.

The situation is different only for beef cattle with 125,000 heads reserved for the hunter elite. From North America, the costs of the alien species, the white-tailed deer, planted in our country for hunting purposes will be borne by others. The rest of us have to fence our crops and our vegetable and potato lands with expensive and high fences – if we want our crops to be saved. We pay the fencing costs ourselves.

It is no longer about wildlife. Huge oversized white-tailed deer herds, maintained by hunters through winter feeding, are allowed to roam freely in gardens, fields and forests, destroying biodiversity and spreading mites. For example, there are large areas in the archipelago where the deer population has grown to such an extent that everything edible has been eaten by deer, including rare endangered plants and blueberry sparrows.

Tapio Onnela


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