Reader ‘s opinion The way the municipal election candidates belittled each other also belittled voters

The way the candidates spoke to each other could affect turnout.

Municipal elections low voting enthusiasm has been marveled at, and politicians have cited the reasons for postponing the election or the beautiful weather, among other things. As a voter, I feel that these are far too easy and sought-after reasons.

What if the cause is much closer? The reason may be in the politics itself and the kind of language used in both election debates and parliamentary questioning, the kind of malice, stinging and ridicule included in the speeches, the kind of belittling between representatives of different parties and the kind of unnecessary repetition in election debates.

All this was much more important for politicians than for the speech to be addressed to me, the voter. I was looking forward to a reasoned, challenging debate that, however, respects the thoughts of the other and, above all, talks about things to the voter and not just misses the opportunity to knock out the thoughts of the other candidate.

With all the belittling that the representatives made towards each other, they at the same time belittled the voter and the importance of voting. As a result, nearly half of those eligible to vote felt that sunshine and listening to bird song in nature were more important.

Leena Roininen

pensioner, Helsinki

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