Reader ‘s opinion The University of Helsinki also trains Spanish teachers in Swedish-language schools

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world, and its significance for economic and cultural cooperation in Finland is undeniable.

Spain is a popular foreign language at various levels in both Finnish and Swedish language courses. In order to meet the popularity all over Finland, we need professional teachers with excellent skills in the language being taught, as Olli-Pekka Lindgren wrote (HS 14.6.).

The University of Helsinki is a bilingual institution where Spanish can be studied as a major for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. In the application phase, the student must demonstrate sufficient proficiency in Finnish or Swedish, and some of the studies may be completed in either language. In the Spanish field of study, however, Spanish is the language of instruction in virtually all courses, as it enhances students’ language skills while deepening their knowledge of the subject being taught.

In addition to Spanish, pedagogical studies are required for a Spanish subject teacher degree. Those who have already completed a subject teacher’s degree can apply for the right to separate studies, for example, to supplement their Spanish language studies.

Learning a foreign language requires hearing and practicing the language in many different ways, and the use of a teacher’s target language in the classroom provides an important model for this. Today, the aim is to use the target language as much as possible in language teaching, which is why the teacher’s mother tongue should not be very important in practice.

However, in order to support the status of the Swedish language, it is important that Spanish teachers are able to work in Swedish in the Swedish-speaking work community, regardless of their mother tongue or language of education. The University of Helsinki also offers students opportunities to strengthen their own Swedish language skills.

Spain is currently one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, and its significance for economic and cultural cooperation in Finland is also indisputable. There is an increasing need for language experts in the Spanish-speaking world, which also strengthens Finland’s language resources. The University of Helsinki offers various pathways to study in the field, regardless of the applicant’s mother tongue or language of education.

Pekka Posio

Assistant Professor of Ibero-Romance Languages

Eeva Sippola

Assistant Professor of Ibero-American Languages ​​and Cultures

university of Helsinki

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