Reader ‘s opinion The review of my Venice novel needs clarification

Vesa Rantaman quite familiar in the assessment VeniceThere are some arguments in my novel (HS Culture 6.6.) that require correction.

Rantama argues that there are “little children” in the historical details: “Spanish disease had not been experienced in the spring in 1915”. No, it’s true. The section on the disease (p. 37) is therefore in 1919.

The reviewer wonders that Seppo and Marja are visiting Truffaut’s popular 1962 Jules and Jim film (p. 209) “in the early 1970s”. There is no basis for the timing in the text, it is Rantama’s own invention, which he strangles.

What other children in historical details Rantama means remains a mystery.

Rantama points out that Essa is being tracked “in an unbalanced way: what happens, for example, when she changes industry after twenty years at home?” The reviewer has missed an essential point. Essi does not “change the field” at all, as her husband does not allow it, but continues as a housewife (pp. 231–232).

Pertti Lassila


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