Reader ‘s opinion The plumbing company billed a pair of small fittings and a shut-off valve for a whip price

When ordering work, the customer has little opportunity to compare the prices of HVAC supplies.

Helsingin Sanomat The Professional Opens story series (April 18) was a great story about a plumber’s daily life Pipes clogged. It guaranteed to touch self-employed home stockers like me, who sometimes have to deal with HVAC companies.

The story mentioned that billing disagreements sometimes arise between firms and work subscribers, and customer complaints were even called stubbornness.

The plumber interviewed stated that all HVAC companies always charge a minimum of two hours for installation work. For me, this was not the case.

I have two recent experiences using an HVAC professional. In the first of them, a reliable HVAC company replaced the broken safety valve of our house’s water heater with a new one. The work was charged for one hour according to the working time quite rightly spent. In addition, forty small plumbing supplies were charged forty euros, which corresponds to the retail prices of well-used hats in the hardware store.

In the second case, the HVAC company installed the new faucet I bought and the sink in the bathroom I renovated. Again, there was no complaint about the quality of the work and the working time spent. Instead, the two hundred euros billed by the company for small, standard-compliant HVAC supplies — a few pipe clamps, compression fittings, shut-off valves, and a piece of copper pipe — were outrageous. These used small items cost no more than a hundred in a hardware store.

On its website, the company advertises how they charge for supplies in accordance with the applicable wholesale price list. The saying “the fool is not the one who asks, but the one who pays” does not really fit into this context, as the customer does not have the opportunity to estimate the prices of the supplies in question when ordering the work.

Of course, the term wholesale price creates some kind of image, but in terms of Stad or common sense, it cannot mean that the price is double that of normal hardware retail prices.

Pertti Nurmi


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