Reader ‘s opinion The Kruunusillat tramway is needed in Helsinki

The city has carefully figured out the most efficient form of public transport for Laajasalo.

Heikki Ala-Seppälä (HS Opinion 30.5.) and Markus Lång (HS Opinion 25.5.) have written about the Crown Bridges tramway. They suspect the project is unnecessary. The main goal of the Crown Bridges project is to build a light rail line from Laajasalo to the city center.

The city has carefully figured out the most efficient form of public transport for Laajasalo. For the connection, an environmental impact assessment was completed in 2008, comparing nine different modes of transport. The studies stated that the tramway provides a sufficiently fast connection between Laajasalo and the city center. The option promotes the use of public transport as well as cycling and walking. Thus, it also serves the City of Helsinki’s goals of increasing sustainable mobility. The direct tram connection between the city center and Laajasalo will also reduce the forecasted congestion for the eastern metro.

The same assessment also mapped the ferry connection proposed by Markus Lång. The ferry only provides a beach-to-beach connection and the number of passengers would be only a small fraction of the number of passengers carried by the tram. However, the ferry perfectly complements the existing public transport between Kruunuvuorenranta and the city center.

In her writing, Ala-Seppälä mentioned both the change in the seascape and the boaters’ concern about the undercutting of the bridges.

The undercut height of the Kruunuvuorens bridge is 20 meters, and the seascape to Suomenlinna can be seen below it. The underside height of the Finkensilla between Nihti and Korkeasaari is 6.5 meters. The underside height of the Merihaansilla between Merihaa and Nihti is 3.1 meters. The bridge is intentionally designed to be low to maintain a spacious landscape.

The environmental impact assessment also examined the effects on the landscape and nature. The report can be found online at

The target cost of the Crown Bridges project will very likely be decided by politicians this year.

Sari Korolainen

communications manager

Crown Bridges Tramway

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