Reader ‘s opinion The internet would be a natural place for young people to vote

Municipal elections has been kept and the people have spoken, but only part of the people.

Finland is often considered to be at the forefront of technology, but why are the elections still old-fashioned? Should voting methods be updated? You can vote online in Estonia, why not in Finland?

Young people are voting less and less from one election to another, would an online vote bring them more to the “urn”? The possibility of online voting is often rejected on the grounds of security, but cannot it be developed in such a way that election secrecy is maintained? Young people in particular are used to taking care of everything online, so why not vote too? Isn’t this just a matter of willpower.

The development of online voting needs to be accelerated. If we start immediately, it would be possible in the next parliamentary elections.

Antti Kainulainen

history teacher, Espoo

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