Reader ‘s opinion The growing Veräjämäki needs a local school

Helsinki The city’s goal is to increase the population of Veräjämäki and Oulunkylä by about 5,000 in the next few years. Instead, the review of the service network in the area has only been submitted until 2026. This is far too late for school and kindergarten places. Especially when the current schools in the area are also full. The development of Veräjämäki’s services with the new school would support both the area’s attractiveness to families with children and the development of Oulunkylä more broadly.

Just building homes will not create a cozy and attractive city – functional services are also needed. Our city should also nurture the functioning of the school network for families. Only in this way can the promises of many parties be redeemed for a truly urban-friendly, caring and attractive urban environment.

Brother Malinen


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