Reader ‘s opinion The grave of Uno Cygnaeus in Hietaniemi Cemetery would also need improvement

Juhani Styrman (HS Opinion 16.11.) wrote about the forgetting of the grave of painter and ornithologist Magnus von Wright at Hietaniemi Cemetery.

October 12 marked the 210th anniversary of the birth of Uno Cygnaeus, the “father of the Finnish elementary school”. He was born on October 12, 1810 in Hämeenlinna and died on January 2, 1888 in Helsinki. Cygnaeus worked as the superintendent of elementary schools and as a member of the newly formed School Board. At the same time, he also served as the first principal and creator of the teaching spirit of our country’s first elementary school seminary, the Jyväskylä Seminary, founded in 1863.

The grave of Uno Cygnaeus is also in Hietaniemi Cemetery, a new area (U18–13–11). The tomb has an obelisk-shaped tombstone and an angel sculpture by Ville Vallgren. The Helsinki Parish Association is responsible for the sand care of the grave, but not for the grave monument.

The name of Uno Cygnaeus hardly stands out from the obelisk, and the pedestal of the tombstone is mossy. Cleaning and maintenance would therefore be more than necessary.

Uno Cygnaeus, a great man of Finnish education and training, would also deserve a tombstone and the permanent care of the grave as a lasting sign of appreciation.

Hannele Louekoski

Chief Inspector Emerita, Espoo

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