Reader ‘s opinion The film should be enjoyable without shaking

Supplier Tero Kartastenpää (HS 21.6.) in his column he grabbed an excellent subject, namely the eating of popcorn in movies. Personally, I believe that everyone who buys a movie ticket has the right to enjoy the show without outside interference. They can be chatting, browsing cell phones, and most of all, eating popcorn from rapeseed bags.

People have been given the impression that movies and fuss belong together, even though it is purely about promoting cinema sales.

The collectivity mentioned in the head of Cartography for going to the movies was replaced by the fact that the film itself and the dissenting opinions it brings were discussed after the film. On the other hand, loud belchings could bring a good effect to Stallone’s films, for example.

Fortunately, enthusiasts of quality films know how to appreciate good screenplay, acting and directing by actors. No popcorn is needed for that.

Tapio Stenborg

a major consumer of movies


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