Reader ‘s opinion The Evangelical Lutheran Church records interpretations of handwriting

In addition, artificial intelligence is being developed to improve the efficiency of reviewing Church documents. The results of the development work will be available during the next year.

Elias Aarnio asks (HS Opinion 16.6.) in his writing, why the information obtained from the Church record material, which has been retrieved once, is not stored and utilized in the preparation of Church certificates. Contrary to Aarnio’s writings, interpretations and retrievals from church books and family journals made by professionals who draw up official certificates are stored in the church’s membership information system for possible future use, so there is no need to search again.

Aarnio also wrote that it has not been possible to utilize text recognition technology in interpreting the texts contained in old church books. However, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland is currently working on the use of artificial intelligence to interpret the contents of old digitized documents. Thanks to the computing power and the computational model developed separately for this purpose, documents can be processed in large quantities in a very short time. Most of the review of the Church’s millions of documentaries and the expansion of the information content has already been done, and the entire contract is expected to be completed this year.

The solution will save you time and resources when you find the right document quickly and easily. The information found will be used to compile the content of the official certificates. In the future, the system will automatically provide the issuer of official certificates with suggestions on the information to be used. The solution will be used in so-called family magazine material. The results of the development work will be utilized in practical work during the next year.

Sanna Heickell

Registrar, Church Board

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