Reader ‘s opinion The environmental impact of amphetamine releases should be studied

In Helsingin Sanomat was (May 18) news The increased levels of amphetamine and its derivatives in urban wastewater observed in a study by the Department of Health and Welfare.

There are already concerns about the effects of releases of various drugs, such as hormonal products and painkillers, on aquatic organisms, both in the EU and globally. Drug emissions and their effects on the environment have risen to the agenda of the International Chemicals Management Strategy (SAICM). Less attention has been paid to the effects of amphetamine and also wastewater discharges from amphetamine derivatives used as medicines.

In the United States, however, surveys have been conducted. They highlight the disadvantages of amphetamine releases for algae and aquatic organisms and pay attention to filtration techniques in wastewater treatment plants. Would it be appropriate in Finland to study the matter in addition to mere quantitative observations? Side effects can occur even at very low concentrations.

Jari Huhtala


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