Reader ‘s opinion The cost estimate for crown bridges is swelling – other options should be considered once again

Smooth traffic is important, but where is the sump that this bridge investment will remove?

Crown bridges the cost estimate has swelled to 350 million euros (HS City 22.1.). Now, before starting the giant investment, it’s worth looking at other options once again. How are the public transport connections of the residents of Laajasalo and Kruunuvuorenranta organized?

Why not direct tram lines to Herttoniemi metro station instead of a bridge connection? The tracks would be very suitable for the wide Laajasalonväylä. Only in the vicinity of the Herttoniemi metro station will it become cramped, which will require major renovations.

Expensive construction work on Kaivokatu and the city center, which will stifle traffic for years, will be avoided by utilizing the completed metro connection.

How many residents of Laajasalo and Kruunuvuorenranta need a connection to the city center? Jobs in the city center will not increase when value buildings are converted from office use to apartments. And in the east, the metro will soon meet the Raide-Joker departure station.

Smooth traffic is important, but where is the sump that this investment will remove?

When bridge money is saved, you can also try something new. From Kruunuvuorenranta, the connection to the city center by water is shorter than from Suomenlinna. In times of molten water – an average of ten months a year in modern winters – traffic could be handled by high-speed vessels, as in the Stockholm archipelago.

Hakaniemi is well suited as an end point for a maritime connection. The shoreline is sufficient for the small quay structures required for traffic. There is only a 200-meter walk from the beach to the metro and stops.

It should also be noted that the current price of Crown Bridges is only an estimate. Of course, millions of euros have already been spent on planning and preparation, but that cannot be the basis for hundreds of millions more.

Hopefully, the final decision will be made by Helsinki’s new city council after the contract price for the largest cost item, the bridge itself, is known in April. Then, hopefully, both our new and renewed delegates will have the courage to blow the game across.

Henri Juva

Laajasalo, Helsinki

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