Reader ‘s opinion The coronavirus made my child a nightmare from high school

A previously amateur and social young person has retired to his or her own room. After the school day, he still lies in his bed in the dark.

Vilma Tyrylahti wrote on the opinion page (HS 24.1.) meritoriously from their own high school experiences. Our family has experienced exactly the same as most other high school students. This is a cry for distress for our young people.

My kids go to high school in the metropolitan area. He moved to a new high school from another location and did not know any other students at the start of school. This is typical of all high school students.

School started promisingly. There was more than nine certificates of primary school in his back pocket, the child was active in a sports club and as a social character he has had a lot of friends. My child quickly integrated into high school and schooling felt good.

However, the high school year has not become what he and our family expected. Corona restrictions have hit young people born between 2003 and 2004 particularly hard. They have been kept in isolation from everything: there is no local school, no friends contacts, no hobbies.

Isolation has continued for some young people for a year now. This means a very large portion of all high school studies. At the beginning of student enrollment, young people who have been in contact and distance education are placed in an unequal position, while young people who have been in contact education in the rest of Finland are given an advantage over student enrollment. Postgraduate studies, on the other hand, are mainly applied for with a matriculation diploma. Sounds fair?

How my social youth then has visited? He has retreated to his own room. In the mornings, when distance learning begins, he opens his laptop in the dark and continues to sleep. The numbers have dropped to alarming levels and Wilma is buzzing with unauthorized absences and reprimands from teachers.

Teachers are tough in trying to motivate apathetic youth. During the lessons, the young people are quiet, no one asks anything and no social interaction takes place. After the school day, my young man is still lying in his bed in the dark. It is not possible for him to play in a sports club, nor is he expected to meet other young people due to corona restrictions.

Young people have no place to go. Libraries, movie theaters and other meeting places for minors are closed. As for my child, I am already talking strongly about depression. The attempt to seek help from my depressed young man is like a prolonged queue of dentists: there are no times available, and those few times would take place in the future through a cursed computer screen.

I as a parent I get to visit my workplace where I have social work contacts. In the evenings I can visit the gym and on the weekends I can stop by a glass at a local restaurant. My primary school-age children are allowed to go to school and we are opening up hobbies for their peers. My high school student has a booth and a computer screen bounded by only four walls as a friend.

Would there be any opportunity to actively think of ways to adopt some kind of hybrid model to save these young people back to life? The coronavirus is a serious matter, but so is the future of young people.

Naphthaled my youth

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