Reader ‘s opinion The corona passport must be introduced without delay

A corona passport would help revitalize the cultural and event sector paralyzed by the spirit markets.

Medical, it has been difficult to reconcile social decision – making with the fundamental rights of citizens in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The Finns have done well so far, but the disease has not been defeated. The effects on the health and well-being of the population will only become apparent gradually.

Scientific research shows that culture improves health, accelerates recovery, and even prolongs life expectancy. No research data have yet been gathered on the aftermath of the pandemic, but this is reflected in an increase in student stress and mental health problems, fragmentation of work communities and a decline in well-being at work. More serious effects of isolation, such as increased suicide in the elderly, are seen in clinical work.

The corona passport has been introduced smoothly in Denmark, for example. We call on Finnish decision-makers to revive the cultural and event sector paralyzed by the spirit markets without delay in order to implement the change in the law that will enable the corona passport.

Organizing events requires long-term planning. The crouching and uncertainty of restrictions erode the motivation of cultural actors, and high professionalism cannot be maintained without long-term practice and coaching. Restrictions threaten to scrap the constitutional right of cultural professionals to practice their profession.

A corona passport would sit in a responsible transaction practice: mask obsession, security intervals, and the sale of designated seat tickets in advance for the need for tracking. This changes the social nature of the events, but provides a much-needed opportunity to open up cultural life and alleviate the burden of isolation.

The coron passport has been criticized for creating inequality. One may also ask whether cultural professionals have been treated equally. Are visitors to a concert or theater on an equal footing with those seeking a recovery from their exhaustion from sports or restaurants? Will senior citizens who obediently adhere to strict restrictions now receive a fair return, protected by vaccinations, while remaining apart from a safely shared healing cultural experience?

Researchers speculate that the coronavirus has come to stay. The importance of culture in its various forms as an enhancer of quality of life and desire for life will inevitably be emphasized. It is about the well-being of all of us and the prevention of more serious consequences. The time for the Coron Pass is now.

Pauliina Valtasaari

Chairman, Doctoral Student, University of the Arts Helsinki

Seppo Soinila

Vice Chairman, Professor Emeritus, University of Turku

Miikka Peltomaa

founding member, docent, University of Helsinki

Finnish Association of Music Medicine

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