Reader ‘s opinion The corona pandemic accelerated the digitalisation of small businesses

Utilization of digital tools and services has doubled in smaller companies over the last two to three years.

Coronavirus pandemic forced companies to change their behavior. Fortunately, technology has provided solutions for internal communications and customer service. A few years ago, this would not have been possible.

What kind of digital leap, especially did smaller companies take, fueled by the coronavirus threat? We decided to study the matter at Elisa and Suomen Yrittäjit. The results of our survey of companies are promising.

Utilization of digital tools and services, such as e-commerce, has doubled in smaller companies in the last two to three years. Crown-era digital investment has focused primarily on video conferencing tools.

About half of all companies have accelerated digitization during the pandemic. Happily, a third of companies that have previously shunned new technology have embarked on digitization. Most companies feel that technology has helped them adapt to sudden changes.

Companies that had a significant part of their business digitized before the pandemic benefited the most from the exceptional circumstances. About one in three companies report having done well during the Korona era. Two out of three successful ones estimate that digitalisation has played a significant role in business development.

Most encouragingly, 83% of companies that have digitized their operations intend to continue their development work even after the crisis has subsided.

The digitalisation of small businesses seems to have truly accelerated. As the use of new technologies is strongly linked to the productivity and competitiveness of companies, this must be welcomed. For the good trend to continue, it is important to support entrepreneurs and smaller businesses in developing digital literacy and finding suitable digital partners.

Veli-Matti Mattila

President and CEO, Elisa Corporation

Mikael Pentikäinen

CEO, Finnish Entrepreneurs Association

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