Reader ‘s opinion The annual working time system does not solve teachers ’problems

There are harsh experiences in annual vocational training.

Three wrote a teacher from Helsinki (HS Opinion 18.4.), that the working time system for teachers should be updated. They were disappointed with the local union’s decision not to grant a fourth year of trial for the three-year trial.

In Helsinki, more than ten schools were offered the opportunity to experiment, but only two small primary schools even wanted to try their annual working hours. Others found the annual working time system and the related contract so bad that it was not even worth trying.

Indeed, it is a bad deal because it would allow both teaching hours and other work to be increased without a corresponding salary increase. It is no wonder that the experiment was abandoned by two schools, one of which was in Vantaa.

There is experience of annual working time in vocational training, where it has already been permanently introduced. The experiences are harsh: wages have fallen, workload has increased and the teaching profession has crumbled. I agree with the authors that the teaching work not included in the job of keeping weed out, but the annual working time is not the solution.

Juho Vehviläinen

Lecturer in Mother Tongue and Literature, Malmi Primary School

board member, HOAY and OAJ

shop steward, Juko

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