Reader ‘s opinion Teachers should be paid on uniform terms

It would be fair to give up differences in teaching responsibilities and pay the same pay for the same work.

Antti Koskinen lift (HS Opinion 3.5.) deservedly highlight the summer pay problems of temporary teachers. The problem could be remedied if the Teachers’ Advocate (OAJ) had a real will to do so.

All teachers must receive the same salary for the same work on the same terms, Koskinen wrote. However, there is still a much bigger problem with teachers’ equal pay than the summer salary, namely teaching obligations. Teachers of different subjects have a subject-dependent teaching obligation, ie the number of hours taught each week. It varies from 16 hours (mother tongue and literature) to 23 hours (exercise) according to the subject taught. Thus, a physical education teacher does almost a third more work every week than a mother tongue teacher, with the same salary. Among mother tongue teachers, working overtime in addition to their own teaching duty, and of course raising the extra salary for those lessons, seems to be common. In what other profession would this be acceptable?

Teaching responsibilities are likely to be a historical remnant of some classroom twists and insights into the assumed workloads of different subjects. However, these arguments cannot stand the light of day.

In my own subjects, history and social studies, the teaching obligation is 21 hours. So I teach five hours a week more than my mother tongue teacher. Still, I constantly correct long essay answers and update the ever-changing teaching content of my subjects many times a year.

Certainly the teacher of each subject has a good reason why the workload in a particular subject is particularly high.

Personally, I do not want to put colleagues against each other, but the only fair solution to the problem would be to give up differences in teaching responsibilities and pay the same pay for the same work. Hopefully this change won’t have to wait until retirement.

Aino Markow

Lecturer in History and Social Studies, Espoo

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