Reader ‘s opinion Sustainable development into engineering studies

Engineering training has changed tremendously in recent years. The basic pipe engineers of old jokes are not graduated from education, but multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity is commonplace in engineering education. However, this is no longer enough.

Technological know-how combined with the ability to innovate can produce harmful solutions if the principles of sustainable development are not known and followed.

Whatever the field of engineering education, it must provide the student with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to find sustainable solutions. The required competence is obtained by making sustainable development a natural part of all studies. Perhaps it would be time to include ethics, value discourse and philosophy in engineering studies, as in other fields of study.

Such additions to studies could contribute to the goals of social sustainability by increasing equality in education. They could also even out the current gender distribution.

Taru Konst

Doctor of Philosophy, Head Lecturer

Olli Mertanen

doctor of engineering emeritus

Turku University of Applied Sciences

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