Reader ‘s opinion Relocating the Rastila campsite to Östersundom could save Meri-Rastila’s forest

Camping is the most inefficient use of land next to a metro station.

Vartiokylänlahti There are plans to place residential blocks for 2,000 inhabitants in the coastal forest of Helsinki’s Meri-Rastila. The area is a high rocky ridge, where the shore formation of the Litorinameri, a damn field, is located. There are outdoor trails and cross-country ski trails in the forest.

The intensification of the metro station environment is in itself justified and in line with sustainable development – it applies to all old stations from Mellunmäki to Kulosaari. In the grid, however, it can be done without felling virtually any wood. A large part of the residential blocks can be located on the site of the current caravan site. Rastila Manor and its surroundings can and must be preserved. The caravan site is a built-up area and has no natural values.

Camping is the most inefficient use of land next to a metro station. There are actual activities in the area during the few summer months. For most of the year, it serves mainly as a winter storage place for caravans. The current location of the campsite is inappropriate: it is between the high Rastilankallio block and the heavily trafficked Years. The residents of Vuosaari do not benefit much from the fenced campsite.

During the high season, the capacity of the campsite is already full and there is no possibility of expansion. In any case, the area will have to be relocated to looser landscapes.

A replacement plot can be found, for example, in the Östersundom connection area, where a master plan is being prepared. There are Natura sites on the beaches, but there are also planned marinas, beaches and beach parks. There is a horse farm on Talosaari. These are an ideal place for a campsite. Access traffic to Itäkeskus is easy to arrange. Besides, caravans and families usually move by car.

The campsite, the new residential area and the forest cannot fit next to the same metro station. If you can choose whether to sacrifice the nearby forest of the metro station from Meri-Rastila or a caravan parking lot and a few board cottages from the camping site, the answer is probably obvious. The campsite can always be relocated and set up elsewhere, once felled and built, the forest can never be reclaimed.

Seppo Honkanen

Vuosaari, Helsinki

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