Reader ‘s opinion Pruned stops are also annoying in Espoo

On the opinion pages has been annoyed by changes in bus lines in The Hague, Helsinki and Vantaa. In Karakallio, Espoo, we can also join the same choir.

Here, the new bus line 200 competes with the train between the center of Espoo and Helsinki Central Station so hard that there is no time to stop at all stops in Karakallio, even though the city has already removed one stop in its direction when it made major changes to Karakalliontie due to the line.

Now a third of the people in the suburbs cannot get on board at all. If the Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) traffic planner were to walk these new stops, wouldn’t this nonsense ease?

Pertti Jokinen

Karakallio, Espoo

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